Experienced Claims Specialists

Insurance Claims

If weather related damage is detected, we will assist you with your claims process, prepare a detailed, itemized scope of damage report, and meet with your insurance adjuster to establish an equitable settlement with which your home can be restored using only the in finest quality products, services, and craftsmanship.

Any number of problems associated with damage, whether obvious or hidden, to your roof, siding, or gutters may be classified as an ‘act of nature’ and therefore covered through your homeowner’s insurance. While apparent wind or storm damage is likely obvious, other problems may be less noticeable but are just as important to be corrected. Moister infiltrations or seepage, for example, can lead to mold which not only decreases property value (remember you will be inspected before you sell) but may result is health risks to your family. AmeriBuild & Restoration, Inc. will assess your home for both observable and latent problems to determine.

  • Arrange, with your insurer, to review such damages and provide an assessment designed to serve your interests for proper repair.
  • Negotiate pricing with your insurer and structure invoicing from you insurance company on your behalf based on a contract with you for the work to be preformed.
  • Bottom-line: as the homeowner in need of our services you pay only your deductible. If you participate in our referral program, your deductible cost may be waived which means you pay nothing!
  • AmeriBuild & Restoration, Inc. has a long and established working record with a number of insurance companies. That’s because we provide quality materials, professional service, and the expertise to get the work done to our customer’s satisfaction in a timely fashion.