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Anyone who lives in Illinois and the greater Chicagoland area  knows about weather…When it’s nice, it’s beautiful but when it’s bad, it can be dangerous. In addition to the extremes of sweltering heat to sub-frigid cold, unusually high winds, snow and ice storms, and hail can play havoc on your home. Got a leak in the ceiling and can’t find the source? Likely your roof has been damaged far from where the leak occurs and without obvious signs of damage on the outside; the problem will only get worse. How about missing shingles or fallen tree or branch damage? Contact AmeriBuild & Restoration, Inc. and we’ll not only assess the damage but possibly provide you the means to have your repairs professionally completed for little more than the cost of your insurance deductable!

For nearly a decade, AmeriBuild & Restoration, Inc. has helped area homeowners in recovering millions of dollars in property damage. We provide free, no hassle, no obligation roof and siding inspection to perspective clients. If weather related damage is detected, we will assist you with your claims process, prepare a detailed, itemized scope of damage report, and meet with your insurance adjuster to establish an equitable settlement with which your home can be restored using only the in finest quality products, services, and craftsmanship.

Our pledge to our clients: Our accreditation ensures your dealing with professional, certified installers. Once begun, we commit to your job before taking on additional work and provide that all work is honestly and competitively priced, thoroughly professional from job acceptance through clean-up, and not complete until your satisfaction is acknowledged.  

  • 10 Years Insurance Restoration Experience
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Customers
  • Experienced Claims Specialists on staff to assist you
  • We honor all insurance companies pricing 
  • We operate through our own supply network
  • Professionally trained and certified personnel (Certified Installer licensee ID: 80000445)



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  • All work is Guaranteed
  • Licensed - Bonded – Insured – Illinois licensed Roofing Contractor: 104.015333 105.005416